Minecraft Leaderboard Request Form


The game request form is used only for requests for new games, maps, minigames, servers, and more that do not exist on the site. By requesting a game, you will be added as a moderator for the game if it is accepted. Moderators for each game are expected to verify runs submitted by users following the Moderation Rules. In addition, they are required to set up rules and categories; if a game is not set up within two weeks, it is automatically flagged for deletion. Leaderboards should be viewed as owned by the community and curated by the moderators. A user who requests a leaderboard does not own the leaderboard.
For your request, we require a video of a full-game run played by you. We strongly prefer such a run is not a segmented run, and may reject requests if they are segmented runs. If a game is heavily based on Individual Levels and does not really feature a full-game run, a playlist of an overwhelming majority of the IL's for the game is acceptable. Submissions which do not meet this criteria will be rejected without being considered.
We require your SR.C account to be at least 7 days old before you are able to submit a game request. We require moderators to have at least 2 social media accounts attached to their account such as Discord, Twitter, Twitch, etc. If you have one or no contact methods at all attached to your profile, your request will be automatically rejected. Please provide the correct spelling and capitalization of the game name as it is officially known. If the game name is identical to one already existing on the site, please include an identifier to differentiate it - as game names and game URL's must be unique - and explain the difference in the "Additional Notes" field. The "Additional Notes" field is incredibly useful for explaining the game and the speedrun to us. Including information about the game and the speedrun will help us understand it further. In addition to information about the game and the run, examples of other categories (and additional videos) can be useful to us. This field is also useful to explain difference between the game you are submitting and games that already exist on the site, in the case that your game is similar to others existing or shares a name with others existing. Please review the Detailed Game Request Rules and Moderation Rules for additional information. Note that you cannot change your game request after submission, so if you need to make changes submit a new request.

What We Do Not Accept

At this time, we are not adding the following:
We may make an exception for notable commercial releases of otherwise generic concepts.

Additional Information

Requests are checked manually by site staff. It may take a couple weeks for us to process your request - how long it takes depends on how many requests are in the queue and staff availability. Note that it may take longer for us to handle requests if there are real-life events occurring, such as major marathons or other factors.
You will get a site notification once your request has been processed if your game was accepted telling you that you were added as a moderator. Congratulations! If it was rejected, a moderator will reach to you on speedrun.com or discord with the reason. If your request was rejected for a specific reason that can be fixed, feel free to resubmit once you have fixed the issues we raised or tell the moderator who got in touch about the changes and they will help sort it out.
If you have questions, please refer to the Game Request Rules as most things are fully described there

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